New Delhi

Foggy! And colder than England in the morning. The Grand Hotel is indeed grand. Took our life in our hands to take a taxi into town. Utter high speed nose to tail chaos through bicycles cars and motorbikes to see a Moghul tomb. A tomb to die for! See picture.

What is the secret of our success. Timing. In two days it is the big Republic Day celebration. So all the roads to some of the most important sights are closed! The famous India Gate, Connaught Place and Parliament, for example.

We are only here for a day, so we won’t see them! 20120124-232836.jpg20120124-234032.jpg

By Dominic

2 comments on “New Delhi

  1. Picture postcard snaps. Need Mum with the days newspaper in the next ones to prove you are really there!

    Have you had the curry hat trick yet — breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  2. Beautiful blue sky. Looks great. Shame about the roads to the tourist sites being closed, how annoying! Where are you off to next?

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