Day One – Arrival

Happy Birthday Oliver.

Kingfisher have very modern planes but Indians are shorter than Europeans. Leg room was abysmal!.

The staff did not have their heart in it. No smiles or banter. My order for 2 cokes arrived as one coke and 2 gin and tonics!

The inflight entertainment was the best I’ve seen.

The flight was all but empty so we were able to take off 40 minutes early! Unheard of in 40 years of flying. We arrived 90 minutes early.

Once the fog cleared the skies were clear and the temperature was18/19, ideal shirtsleeve weather. But the locals are all in thick woolly jumpers and coats. It’s winter.

There are some well dressed people but mostly the clothes look very old and in need of repair. Also the clothes and people look like they have never seen soap and water. A slum we passed makes the Capetown shanty town look attractive.

And so many people.

Loving it.

By Dominic

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