Day Three – The Taj Mahal and Red Fort at Agra

What a day! Early start off to the Taj Mahal. Photos cannot do it justice. It is stunning. We got up very early and it was gloomy in the cabin.

Unfortunately, Sue ended up with one pink shoe and one red one! The red shoe was a perfect match for her trouser suit. We had to brazen it out all day as the latest fashion. Fortunately, in the building itself we had to wear blue overshoes. Sue looked like Noddy but she won’t let me publish on a public blog. Picture for sale when we get home!

She looked stunning next to the other tourists. With the bright red suit and the blonde hair we were accosted half a dozen times by total strangers asking if they could take a picture of us with their family or holding their baby. I think they thought we were celebs!

Then we went to The Red Fort at Agra, the home of the Mogul Emperors. Huge, stunning. Built at the time Henry VIII was on the throne. Eat your heart out Henry. We have nothing even approaching the splendour.

We then had a visit to the inevitable marble workshop where some of the world’s most persistent salespeople worked us over. We resisted. Nuff said.

The day was not finished. We went to Fatehpur Sikri, the Ghost City. The Mogul Emperor, Akbar, had this vast, superb city built as his new capital. He then moved the capital from Agra. But after 15 years he decided to go back to Agra. So Fatehpur Sikri was just abandoned.

All three visits are UNESCO Heritage site. What a day!





By Dominic

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