Delhi Belly and other thoughts

Not yet! Wash your hands, especially after touching money, bottled water even to brush teeth, wash hands and use anti-virals, no ice, no fresh vegetables, no meat, wash hands!

Avoiding Delhi belly has a major side effect. It’s hard to avoid meat and fresh vegetables on the European menu.

So it’s Indian food and in particular, lentils. It turns out that lentils are far more potent than baked beans. Let’s just say we produce industrial quantities of methane gas! If they could harvest our output and that of 1.2 billion Indians then both climate change and fuel shortages would be over in a trice.


What a great place.

The extensive and beautiful boulevards and gardens designed by Edwin Lutyens around 1911 at one end.

Then the colourful and vibrant chaos of Old Delhi’s Chandi Chowk market with its spaghetti of overhanging electric, telephone and TV cables (Health and Safety and the Fire Department would have a fit) The 19th century building look as if they have had no maintenance since they were built. The narrow lanes hum with activity.

At the other end, a few dreadful slums.

Great place.

By Dominic

One comment on “Delhi Belly and other thoughts

  1. Been following daily. Glad to see Kingfisher delivered you safely! Dehli sounds fascinating, more pictures please!!

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