The train

I haven’t mentioned the train. On arrival at our carriage we met our butler! He gave us a cool damp hand towel and a fruit drink before showing us to our compartment. Twin bed, adequate bathroom. He looks after just two compartments.

The train does not have many guests, just 30-35. It can take 96 apparently. But that would be awful, especially for those at either end of the train, 7 or eight carriages to get to the restaurant. For us it’s great.

Service is impeccable, prompt and friendly.

The menu is simple. A western choice or the Indian Experience. We haven’t tried the Western choice.

It turns out the the beds are very hard, even for me who has a hard bed at home. Sleeping has been a problem. It is a cocktail of jet lag, hard bed and noise.

Noise? In the early days the distances travelled are not too far so the train parks up for the night on the station once we arrive. Indian Railways work through the night so there are regular platform announcements. Also, trains passing through the station always blow their whistles to warn stray cows and people to get off the track. I have been waking up at 4:15 and struggling after that.

We have 24 hours on the train coming soon. More then.20120127-222255.jpg

By Dominic

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