Day Five -The Safari

This morning at 5.30 the Public Address system burst into life with the message in English then Hindi, “May I have your attention please. Train number 19020 from *******will be arriving shortly at Platform number 2” it then went into a loop repeating the message for 15 minutes!

Fortunately we have an early start to go on safari tiger finding so not really a problem.

In the absence of any warm weather clothes Sue put on several layers of extra normal clothes, a pair of my socks and another pair as gloves but even with the blanket they supplied the wind chill made it very cold.

We set of in a “Canta” It’s a 18 seater open topped Landrover type thing with next to no suspension.

We were frozen by the time we got to the Ranthambhore National Park. The inevitable and incredibly persistent vendors were selling fleeces. We asked the price of one. 1600 Rupees(£20). But have learned how to negotiate. So we said “No” about 10 times and then just ignored him as he tugged our sleeves and kept dropping the price. We bought it for 600 Rupees. Warmth at last!

We saw our tiger! A big male about 20 yards away asleep, occasionally stretching and rolling over. Sadly, almost impossible to photo it was so well camouflaged. We may have a picture on the better camera when we get home.

Here it is.  Rubbish.

Actually all the iPhone pictures are weak- see below. I’ll upload better at home.

The park was pure Rudyard Kipling. India’s second oldest banyan tree, huge; a long deserted and overgrown fort, a troupe of langur monkeys bounding along the fortifications. Magic.

Don’t be fooled by this picture. It’s a baby and only about 1 foot long!

This picture is a mongoose.

The journey itself was a nightmare.

 The seats were for two people but only wide enough for three buttocks! And the terrain was very very rough. We lurched forward, sideways, up and down.  A genuine white knuckle ride lasting several hours. Eat you heart out, Thorpe Park.

The funny thing was that there were some “sleeping policemen” road bumps at the exit from the park and our driver crept over them really slowly and carefully.

It was at lunch time we got the text from Jeremy about the new baby. We were very excited.

In the park we saw deer, boar, crocodiles, loads of beautiful birds and we had a very rare sighting of the albino mongoose. Last seen a year ago.






By Dominic

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