Day Eight – The Caves of Ajanta

In passing, I should mention that the jet lag has gone, we are stopping in quieter stations and we have got used to the hard beds. With that and the early morning calls so we can get to sights before the rush – we have been sleeping like babies!

On the other hand we have finally succumbed to a mild dose of Delhi Belly. I had it 36 hours ago and Sue this morning. Several others too. Hey Ho!

We started today with a 5:30am alarm for a 7:45 start. Getting up and breakfast takes a while. Then 1 and 1/2 hours in the coach to the Ajanta caves.

First we were given the opportunity to visit some vile toilets. Then a local dance exhibition. You might just make out the elephant faced god in the sedan.

It was a climb up to the caves. Two of our group with bad legs went by sedan. Very scary.
These caves are also man made. They are older than Ellora by 6 centuries. They started in 200 BC and all are Buddhist. They are all in the cliff wall rather than starting at ground level.

Again, all 26 temples and monasteries are carved out of one rock.

They were lost for 1000 years overgrown and in a valley feared by the locals because of tigers.

They were found in 1819 by an Englishman on a tiger hunt.

The astonishing thing is the paintings on the walls and ceilings. Sadly, no photos. To protect them they are kept in dim lighting and no flash is allowed.


On the way back we had to stop the coach at a pharmacy to buy some antibiotics for the Delhi Belly.  Well,what can I say?  The pharmacy was just one of the many grotty little open fronted stores with piles of rubbish just outside.  No prescription was needed!  He cut the right number of pills of a strip with a pair of scissors.  Ten for me and ten for Sue then charged me the equivalent of 67p!   They were properly packaged and labelled so we did take them.  (They did work as it happens)








By Dominic

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