Day Ten – Home

Uneventful flight home, even arriving exactly on time.

The food was dreadful.  I can usually eat something on a plane but not this time – soggy warm vegetable curry rolls with some rubber like cheese for supper and curried fruit salad for breakfast.  Yuck.

Watched three films.

Oh, I should mention that there was no water in the loos.  The toilets flushed but you couldn’t wash your hands or face.  That’s not quite true.  Kingfisher solved the problem by putting a plastic bottle of water by the sink!

Heathrow was 0 Celcius after 30 Celsius in Mumbai!  I didn’t go to India prepared for the cold and so, I arrived back unprepared for the cold.

In summary, a totally splendid holiday.  I can’t imagine how you could see everything we saw and do what we did in 10 days using any other from of transport.  It would be too difficult to organise.

We had our rough moments but we expected there to be some and all that was needed was a good sense of humour.

Well done Riviera Travel and the Maharaja Train and with especial thanks to Anne Mitchell and Lokesh, our tour guides and all our fellow travellers.

By Dominic

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